The explanation about Mixin stopped support for some assets deposits

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When using Mixin Wallet to deposit assets, if you see the message "Mixin Wallet does not support the deposit for xxx token. Please note that you can continue to transfer or withdraw the deposited assets."


The following reasons usually cause it:

  1. The project or blockchain to which the asset belongs no longer exists.
  2. Few users use the assets.

As Mixin is a Layer 2 project, assets deposited to Mixin Network are unaffected by the native blockchain and can be transferred within the Mixin network; if the blockchain is no longer operational, then your withdrawals will also be affected and cannot be implemented.

Please kindly note that: Investing in digital confers high risk for some reasons. Before investing, please have a complete understanding of the risks. Mixin is a cryptocurrency wallet and is not liable for suspended or failed projects.

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