How to participate the HUMAN Protocol Yield Farming event on Mixin Messenger?

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HUMAN Protocol community released a new event----HMT Yield Farming. People who provide liquidity with pairs HMT/ETH or HMT/BTC on 4swap will have a chance to divide up HMT and BTC rewards.

Attention: Participating in AMM is NOT RISK-Free.


Event and Rewards

Bonus Period

Date: Mar 21, 2022 ~ Mar 30, 2022

Rewards: Daily divide up 100 HMT and 100000 Satoshi

Daily Farming

Date: Mar 31, 2022 ~ Jun 18, 2022

Rewards: Daily divide up 50 HMT and extra 50000 Satoshi for the first 10 days

Claim Date: You could claim the rewards the next day after 10:00 UTC+8 by yourself.

How to participate in the event?


Deposit ETH-ERC20

Please go to the Mixin wallet and find ETH; if you open the wallet for the first time, please set a PIN.


Please note that:

  1. Mixin accepts all ERC20 tokens; if you cannot find HMT from the wallet, you can deposit HMT through the ETH address. Please DO NOT deposit the assets from BSC (Binance SmartChain), HECO chain, or other chains that Mixin hasn't supported.
  2. Please remember the PIN you set up, and it cannot be recovered if you forget it.

Select "Receive" to get your deposit address, then copy-paste to the wallets or exchanges you use:


Deposit HMT

You could search HMT on the wallet page, find it and go to the detailed page:


You can find the HMT deposit address by clicking Receive button:


Deposit BTC

Mixin supported Bitcoin, the same steps to find BTC:


Get the BTC deposit address:


Please note:

The BTC deposit address only supports BTC. Please do not deposit other assets.

Join HUMAN Protocol Chinese Community

You could join the community by the invitation link, or you can search the community id 7000104183 from the search box:


Click authorize button to join the community:


Find the "Event" section:


Add liquidity

Follow the steps to check the event and select the pair which you want to provide liquidity:


Enter the "Add liquidity" page; for the first time; please connect the wallet:


After successfully authorizing the bot, then you could input the amount you want to add and confirm to pay, then get the LP token:


Please note:

  1. You need to add the two corresponding assets to the pool
  2. Please go back to the "Claim Reward" page to authorize the community to read the assets; otherwise, you cannot divide the rewards.


  1. Although I've already added the liquidity, why can I not claim the rewards?

    Answer: First, you need to claim the rewards by yourself; please go to the community/events/claim rewards page to get it.
    Second, you must authorize the community to read your assets after adding liquidity.
    Third, since the wallet only supports eight decimals, if you provide very small liquidity (less than 0.00000001 HMT), you cannot get rewards.

  2. What are the advantages of Yield Farming?

    Answer: You could divide the HMT rewards, except that you can also divide the 0.3% handling fees. Please pay attention to the AMM risks.

  3. What is the use of the HMT and BTC?

    Answer: You could continue to add liquidity. Or trade to other cryptocurrencies through 4swap.

  4. When can I claim the Yield Farming rewards?

    Answer: Normally, you can claim the rewards the next day after 10:00 UTC+8. The rewards are calculated based on the LP token you have, and please add liquidity before 24:00 UTC+8; otherwise, you can claim the rewards the day after tmr. 

  5. I only have one of the three assets, HMT, ETH, and BTC. Can I participate?

    Answer: You need to add assets pairs, i.e., HMT and ETH or HMT and BTC. You cannot add one single asset to the pool.

  6. I clicked the "Claim Rewards" button, but I didn't receive tokens, why?

    Answer: The rewards are distributed through the HUMAN Protocol Chinese group. If you don't receive the rewards within 2 hours after clicking the claim button, please check if you switch on the minimum transfer reminder and go to the wallet/HMT page to check transactions. If you're sure you didn't receive it, please leave messages on the community. Our people will help you. 

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