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Mixin Network is an open-source, lightning-fast, and decentralized W3 platform to bring speed and scalability to the blockchain. Mixin allows blockchains to gain trillions of TPS, sub-second final confirmation, zero transaction fee, enhanced privacy, and unlimited extensibility.

To expand the market, we are launching a content-creation event. Articles that meet the following conditions can participate in the event.

  • The content that can be written in the article includes but is not limited to Mixin Network or Mixin Messenger's introduction, instructions for use, user experience, the story with Mixin, popular bots running on Mixin, etc.
  • Please quote at least one or more of the following URLs in your article:
  • https://mixin.one



  • Need to be indexed by the Google search engine, the search keywords should not exceed 3 words
  • Using the top 30 most spoken languages except Chinese (English is preferred).

How to get rewards?

Mixin Network has been running stably since Christmas' EVE in 2017, stored crypto assets of about $2 Billion. We have a powerful development team to give the project escort and diverse ecosystems to encourage more people to join and enjoy. We appreciate everyone who contributes to the community, and we sincerely invite you to help us grow up.

The incentive rewards will be divided into different parts, and the first part is content creation. People who meet the following requirements could receive the corresponding rewards.

  • Write articles about Mixin and meet the above requirements, you will be rewarded at least 20 USDT in equivalents XIN.
  • We will comprehensively evaluate the amount of the reward based on the Google search ranking and the number of the search results.
  • In particular, if the article is ranked high on the homepage after searching for 1 or 2 keywords and significantly adds effective exposure to Mixin, we will give an additional reward (up to 200 USDT equivalents XIN). A good chance for professional bloggers.

In order to avoid cheating, please also respect the supplemented rules:

  • The keywords must be commonly used words, and the total number of letters should not exceed 20.
  • The search results are based on the ranking in the privacy mode of the browser without account login.
  • The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the Mixin team.

With the development of Mixin, we also accept other forms of feedback from contributors, such as NFT, financial tools, etc.

We use Mixin Messenger to send rewards to qualified participants. First, please install the app that is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Second, please submit the form.


What is Mixin Network?

Mixin Network is a PoS network with 37 full nodes. As a layer-2 solution, it has supported 41 public chains, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Polkadot, etc. The total assets on the network have been over 2 billion US Dollars.

What is Mixin Messenger?

Mixin Messenger is the first dapp based on Mixin Network (available on both Google Play Store and ios Store), which supported the crypto-wallet feature and protected users' privacy by end-to-end encryption protocol, Signal protocol. Because of the open-sourced codes and standard API, most ecosystem projects provide bots (similar to mini-program, we called bots on Mixin) running on Mixin Messenger. Thus, Mixin is a full-featured financial platform with functions of AMM, aggregating trade, pending orders on Exchange platforms, and unbiased stable currency, etc.

Mixin Network is dedicated to providing users with a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that always puts security, privacy, and decentralization first. For more info, please visit Mixin official website or Mixin.

What are Mixin ecosystems?

Mixin brings lots of development teams, individual developers, together to strengthen the ecosystem. You can find all projects build on the Mixin Network by visiting https://mixin.one/ecosystem or the check the attachment.

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