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Mixin Messenger supports account deleting since version 0.35.0.


Server data: After a successful account deleting, all data related to the current account, such as profile, contact list, avatar, etc., will be deleted from the Mixin server; one thing to note is that deleting your account does not delete the wallet, such as assets and transactions, cannot be removed, which means that the wallet address can still receive assets, but no one can access the wallet. 


Local data: Deleting an account will not automatically help users delete their local records and iCloud data. Users can uninstall the application directly after applying the account deletion. 


Effective time: The deletion of the account will not take effect immediately. After applying for the account deletion, the account will automatically log out. There is a waiting period of 30 days. During this period, if the user logs back into the account, he/she will receive a reminder to decide whether terminate the deleting. Choosing to continue logging in will stop the deletion process; otherwise, all account-related data will be deleted after 30 days. After the deletion, logging in with the same mobile phone will be a brand new account. 


Asset reminder: If there're assets stored in your wallet when you delete your account, you will receive an asset reminder. We highly recommend you withdraw all the assets to other wallets before cancellation. 


User impact:

  • Deleted accounts will not automatically disappear from others' contact lists and groups.
  • The avatar will be replaced with a unique one.
  • The username will be replaced with Deleted Account, but Mixin ID could not be recycled.

How to Delete my account?

1. Find Mixin Settings/Account/Delete my Account


2. You need to input the PIN to verify the deletion proceed


3. Input your phone number and verify code (4-digit number) to double confirm


4. If you still have assets in the wallet, you may get a reminder before confirmation


5. You have 30 days to consider whether delete the account, during the period, when you log in back, you will get reminders like these.


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