How to buy MOB and withdrawal it to Signal wallet?

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Mixin currently supports MobileCoin Fog, which means you could transfer MOB between Mixin and Signal whenever you want. The swap bots based on Mixin Network could provide high liquidity for trading MOB with no KYC. The current volume is over $20 Million. If you're a Signal user and want to buy MobileCoin, Mixin is your best choice.


First, please install Mixin Messenger; it's available on both Google Play Store and App Store.


Here we choose BTC as an example. Please deposit some crypto such as BTC, USDC, USDT to your Mixin Wallet. Open the wallet and find BTC, then press the Recieve button to get your BTC address. For the first time to open the wallet, you need to set a PIN to manage your assets, and please keep it carefully because it cannot be recovered if you forget it. 


Add swap Bot

Then please search and add the trading bots:


There're many different bots that provide trading services, we use 4swap 7000103537 as an example. And you could use the following bots to trade cryptos as well:

ExinONE Mixin ID 7000101276

ExinSwap Mixin ID 7000102352

Mixcoin Mixin ID 7000101542

MixSwap Mixin ID 7000103767

Swap to get MOB


Tap the bot icon on the bottom, then choose and input how many MOB you would trade.

Withdrawal----Find MOB on the wallet


Open the wallet and find MOB, choose Send/Address to add your Signal address.

Add Address on Mixin Messenger


Add a new address and open your Signal to find it.

Find Address on Signal App


You could find your wallet address through Settings/Payments/+Add funds, copy the address then back to Mixin wallet.

Complete adding address


Paste the address and save it.

Confirm withdrawal


Input the amount and confirm to withdraw. Then well done!

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