How to buy MOB and other cryptocurrencies on Mixin Messenger?


Mixin Messenger is available on both Google Play Store and App Store, please click the related link to download and install Mixin Messenger.

There are many useful bots running on Mixin Messenger which provide trading services. Mixin was the first crypto wallet that supported MobileCoin thus the trading bots also have higher liquidity (over $20 Million) for trading MOB. Then how to do it? 

1. Go to personal page


2. Find the "Add contact" button


3. Search Bot's Mixin ID.

There're many different bots that provide trading services, we use 4swap 7000103537 as an example. And you could use the following bots to trade cryptos as well:

ExinONE Mixin ID 7000101276

ExinSwap Mixin ID 7000102352

Mixcoin Mixin ID 7000101542

MixSwap Mixin ID 7000103767



4. Open the trading bot's page


5. Go to the swap page


6. Find the trading pair and swap



1. 4swap has more than $20 million liquidity for MobileCoin without KYC requirement. The bot is developed by the FoxONE team, and this team also developed many other useful bots for different cases. For more details about 4swap, please read the documentation.

2. ExinSwap and MixSwap are powered by Exin Team, you could visit here to know how do they work.

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  • Comment author
    Liesle Batictic

    Find the add contact bottom

  • Comment author
    Liesle Batictic

    Search bot's mixing ID

  • Comment author
    Liesle Batictic

    Go to swap page

  • Comment author
    Liesle Batictic

    Find the trading pair and swap


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