MobileCoin Airdrop Campaign

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To celebrate the MobileCoin English group created on Mixin Messenger, we prepare a MOB giveaway, and the total rewards are about $3800. 

What is MobileCoin?

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to be used as digital cash on your phone. It's easy to use with near-instantaneous transactions.

Mixin Network is the first wallet that connects MobileCoin Network, and the Mixin developer team also contributes a lot of Golang codes for MobileCoin nodes.


How is the MobileCoin English group working on Mixin Messenger?

Mixin Messenger launches super community for different projects, and the super community integrates several functions such as sending LuckyCoin, trading cryptos with varying pairs, and others.
MobileCoin English group focuses MobileCoin related processes, and we also invite MobileCoin's staff to manage this group. Sometimes they also share news and give members live streaming. The community will be a gathering place for MOB fans and a first place for newbies to learn about MOB.


Giveaway campaign


Aug 19, 2021, ~ Sep 17, 2021 (Estimated Date)



0.1 MOB (about $1.8)for each valid participant (limit 2000 participants), pick up 10 winners reward 1 MOB (about $18)extra for each as the final prize.




Claim rewards:

Please install Mixin Messenger and join the MobileCoin English group to claim the rewards by yourself. Please kindly note that we update the submitted Mixin ID manually, and for the first week (Aug 19 to Aug 25), we update the list on 14:00 UTC+8 every day; since the second week (Aug 26 to the end), we update the list on 14:00 UTC+8 every other day. For example, if you finish the task at 13:40 UTC+8, you could claim the reward in a half hour. If you complete the task on 14:05 UTC+8, you need to wait 24 hours to claim it.



  1. Limit 2000 participants. Therefore, the campaign may end before the marked date
  2. The rewards will be distributed via Mixin Messenger. You have to submit the correct Mixin ID and join the MobileCoin English group on our app.
  3. Please kindly note that you need to claim the rewards manually by clicking the claim button on the MobileCoin English group page. Otherwise, you cannot receive it automatically.
  4. The participants should finish all tasks to be valid participants.
  5. The 10 lucky winners will be picked up when the Airdrop ends. The final result will be published on our Twitter @Mixin_Network.
  6. New created Twitter account is not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  7. Each Mixin ID can participate in the airdrop only once, which means that repeated Mixin ID can only claim 1 reward (0.1 MOB).
  8. All rights reserved to Mixin team.


How to participate in it?

We have prepared a step-by-step guidance document for you. Would you please click to read it?

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