How to use Bots on Mixin Messenger?

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Many bots (similar to the bots on Telegram) run on Mixin Messenger that performs various functions. Each bot has a Mixin ID starting with the number 7000, then how to get them?

How to search Bots on Mixin Messenger?

First, you need to know the bot's Mixin ID, then search the ID as search a contact, you'll get it, still confused? Please follow the video:

How to interact with bots?

It has two ways to interact with bots:

Web interaction

Click the bot icon on the bottom to visit the web page.


Click the bot icon on the chat menu to use it as an extension.


Or click the bot icon when you tap the bot's contact.


Text interaction 

Please send a text order to the bot or add the bot as a contact, then it will feedback related info or operation instruction.


Recommended Bots

1. Mixin Bots 

Mixin ID 7000103921 

This bot with web-interaction collects frequently used bots running on Mixin Messenger, including third-party bots.

2. Lucky Coin

Mixin ID 7000103450

This is a bot with web interaction, and you have to add it as a group participant and open it on the group chat menu to send lucky crypto coins.

3. Trading bots


Mixin ID 7000101276

A popular trading bot based on Mixin Network, created by the Exin team. It connects Huobi, Binance, and BigOne, thus providing exchange trading services to Mixin users who needn't register an exchange account. It also has the regular investment feature with no fees, no escrow assets, and Smart Earn feature.


Mixin ID 7000103537

4swap is the automated market-making trading platform of Fox, similar to Uniswap. The XIN/BTC and XIN/EOS trading liquidities are over $ 1M, better than the BigONE exchange.


Mixin ID 7000102352

ExinSwap is the automated market-making trading platform of Exin, similar to Uniswap. The XIN/USDT trading volume is higher than in other places, and the liquidity is over $ 1M.


Mixin ID 7000101542

An open-sourced front-end trading app based on OceanOne, which automatically displays trading pairs depends on the assets stored on your wallet and places orders by OceanOne's aggregated engine.


Mixin ID 7000103767

MixSwap is similar to 1inch, a Dex aggregator. It uses an aggregated trading model and accesses multiple exchanges in-depth to help users exchange more cryptos with less money, integrated 4swap, ExinSwap, and Mixcoin. And Exin team has a plan to aggregate ExinOne and more exchanges.

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