Poolin supported Mixin Messenger to receive mining profits, zero-deductible & instant transactions

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Poolin entered into a strategic partnership with Mixin, Mixin provides a safe, easy of use, and multi-chain wallet for miners, Poolin continues to support the stable mining services of tens of millions of miners around the world. 

Mixin Messenger wallet characteristics:

Mixin Messenger is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted messenger, which integrates a multi-chain wallet based on Mixin Network.

  • Secure, all assets are controlled by the multi-sig PoS nodes
  • Free, no transfer fees, therefore, it's zero-deductible when use Mixin to receive mining profits
  • Fast, second-level irreversible final confirmation, real-time transfer with no congested
  • Simple, a 6 digit PIN works as the private key, transfer through contacts 
  • Full cryptocurrencies, Mixin Network supports 23 public chains and more than 100,000 assets
  • Privacy, enhance transaction privacy through CryptoNote technology, which is known only to both parties

Download link: https://mixin.one/messenger

Help center: https://mixinmessenger.zendesk.com


How to set Mixin ID into Poolin.com?

We've supported BTC payment using Mixin and other cryptocurrencies will be supported soon.

You need to visit Poolin.com, click Sub-account Manage / Setting-Modify Address, find Mixin User


Enter Mixin ID and then continue.


P.S. How to find my Mixin ID


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