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The recent updates of Mixin Messenger (0.14.0) have added a new feature, Transfer Notifications. This feature can help users set the minimum transfer amount in the transfer notifications, after setting the amount, when you receive any transfer is less than the amount you set, you will not be noticed.
Therefore, some harassment notifications can be avoided.

How to enable this function in the app?

1. Open the app and click "gear" in the upper right corner to get the settings page.


 2. Click the "Notifications" tab


3. Click "Transfer Notifications" to set the amount


 4. Set the amount, and click "Change" to save


Note: After setting it up successfully, it only affects the notification, you have to check the transfers on the wallet page. 

When you get lucky coins from the groups, and the amount is lower than you set, you cannot find the transfer in group chat, please check the wallet.




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