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Please kindly note: the Emergency Contact CANNOT help you to recover PIN, if you forget the PIN, please read this document.
Please note that the other party must add you as a contact to set up successfully, otherwise the other party will not receive the verification code!

The Emergency Contact is designed to help you log in to your account if you are lost and cannot retrieve your mobile number.

Attention: When setting up an emergency contact or logging in through an emergency contact, it is best to be with the emergency contact, or to ensure that the communication is smooth, in order to enter the verification code in time because the verification code is valid for 5 minutes.

How to set an Emergency Contact?

1. Press the contact icon at the top right corner

2. Press the gear icon to the setting page

3. Press Privacy and Security tab

4. Find Emergency Contact tab at the bottom

5. Enable Emergency Contact

6. Read the instruction and tap "Got it"

7. Input PIN to verify

8. Choose the Emergency Contact, and the contact will receive a 4 digit code from Team Mixin

9. Input the code sent to the emergency contact

10. Press the arrow to confirm

11. You could check the emergency contact and change it on this page.


How to log in through Emergency Contact?

1. Input the original phone number and waiting for 60 seconds, then press "Need help?" 

2. Tap "Lost your mobile number?" button (Attention: If you didn't set an Emergency Contact, you cannot see this option)

3. Input the Emergency Contact's Mixin ID 

4. Input the verification code sent to the Emergency contact through Team Mixin 

5. Log in back to your account, and Mixin will notice you whether to change phone number now, if you tap "Change", please read this article to learn how to change phone number

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