How to add addresses for withdrawing?

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For the first time to withdraw to a new address, you need to add it by yourself. 

  1. "Tap to address" or tap "+" to add it.
  2. Then input or scan a QR code to add the Address and Memo. Don't forget to input a Label, it will be helpful for your next withdrawal. Click "Continue" to save the address.
    For ETH addresses: sometimes the copied eth address is upper and lower-case mixed because Mixin Messenger follows the Ethereum documentation to support ERC-20 tokens, then the copied addresses will be standardized. Therefore, some parts of the addresses change to lowercase or uppercase. According to this documentation, the Ethereum addresses are case-insensitive. It means that you can ignore it.

    If you don't need to fill in the Memo, you can click"No Memo" in blue.
  3. You need to input PIN code to save the address
  4. Then you can go back to choose the address. If you don't know how to withdraw, please visit here.


Since the version 0.15.0, we removed the edit address feature on the Address book page, please delete the old address and add a new one.

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