Why I cannot see the token's price and its logo on wallet?

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Mixin Messenger supports 13 public chains and more than 67,000 assets based on them. Since it supports ERC-20 tokens, it exists a lot, and most of them are not listed on CoinmarketCap.com. And Mixin is using Coinmarketcap's API to display prices. Then if you get a token display like a gray logo with N/A price, it means that:

1. It hasn't been listed on CMC;

2. No one contributes related info.

How to do to make it display normally?

  1.  Please go the wallet interface and tap "Add assets" button at the bottom
  2. Search and choose the one you need, then "Save" it, the token will be added on wallet page
  3. If it doesn't exist on the "Add assets" page, and you have some basic knowledge about GitHub, you could click this link to contribute.

Please note: the token who has been listed on CMC will be added in priority.

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