Why I can't receive code to login and what to do?


Some users can't receive the code to login, most of them are in these situations:

  1. Please check the update first, and make sure you install the latest version;
  2. Make sure you didn't install a third-party app that working as a mobile master that filter SMS.
  3. Tap the resend button too many times. Sometimes the internet is not stable, try switch Wi-Fi and cellular, you may receive the code;
  4. Login too many times in one day. There's a limitation for login times, although you get send a successful notification, you still cannot receive it. With this situation, please retry 24 hours later.

If these solutions can't solve the issue, please email kelly@mixin.one with your phone number in the following format: country code + phone number
For example +86 13800138000 (+86 is the country code of China, 13800138000 is the phone number)

Our developers will figure it out ASAP. 

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    Code verifikasi saya tidak masuk


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