How to transfer chat history between different mobile devices?

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Mixin Messenger (version 0.40.0) supports users to immigrate chat history between different ends, so users can freely change devices from iOS to Android or vice versa. This article is appropriate for the following situations:

  1. From iOS to Android devices
  2. From Android to iOS devices
  3. From iOS to iOS devices without iCloud
  4. From Android to Android devices without local Backup

1. Install Mixin Messenger on the new device

Please go to the Mixin official website to install Mixin Messenger on your new device, and please be careful, do not to log in at this step; otherwise, your old device will be logged out.

2. Get your chat transfer QR code on the old device

Click your avatar


Go to Settings/Chat:


Choose Transfer to another Phone and confirm:


Get the QR code:


Attention: Please keep the old device on the QR code page before using the new device to log in.

3. Log in and restore the chat history

Use the same phone number to log into your account on the new device and choose Restore from another phone (images for Android and iOS  devices):


Confirm and scan the QR code you get on the step2:


4. Wait for transferring


Attention: Please ensure Mixin is running in the foreground during restoring chat and both old and new devices are under the same Wi-Fi; otherwise, the procedure may interrupt.


There're other ways to transfer chat history:

  1. From iOS to iOS devices from iCloud
  2. From Android to Android from Local Backup
  3. From PC to mobile devices
  4. From mobile to PC devices

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