How to participate Starcoin Twitter campaign?

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  1. You need to have an active Twitter account; a newly created account is not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  2. You need to install Mixin Messenger and get the Mixin ID



Open the campaign link and finish all tasks listed on the page to become a valid participant:

  1. Follow @StarcoinSTC
  2. Follow @Mixin_Network
  3. Retweet the specified Tweet
  4. Join the Starcoin community on Mixin Messenger
  5. Submit your Mixin ID

Claim the Airdrop

Click to join the Starcoin community

Click the Starcoin community URL to open it on a browser and tap "open in Mixin"


Confirm on Mixin Messenger

After you switch to Mixin Messenger, please allow authorized access, and you will join the community successfully.


Open the "Event page" and claim rewards

Find the "Event" tab and find the campaign banner then click "claim" to get the rewards.


Please note:

  1. If you get a notification like "Sorry, you don't meet the requirement to claim the reward", you may not lucky to be picked up;
  2. If you get a notification like "Please note that you need to have more than 1 STC on your Wallet", you don't have 1 STC on your Mixin Wallet, please deposit at least 1 STC first;
  3. If you get a notification like "Claimed, the reward will be transferred to your later", then congratulations, you're lucky to be picked up.



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