Starcoin Twitter Giveaway

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To celebrate the creation of the Starcoin community on Mixin Messenger, Starcoin and Mixin co-host an STC giveaway, and the total rewards are about $150.

What is Starcoin?

Starcoin provides the utmost security from the origin via its enhanced PoW consensus and Secure smart contract, using the language of Move. Through layered and flexible interoperability, we provide the distributed financial networks with digital properties that empower every participant in the co-creation of a Web 3.0 ecosystem.


How is the Starcoin community working on Mixin Messenger?

Mixin Messenger launched the super community for different projects, and the super community integrated several functions, such as sending LuckyCoin, trading cryptos with varying pairs, and others.

The Starcoin community focuses on Starcoin-related processes, and the volunteers and the STC team members also join the group to share information and manage the group. The community will be a gathering place for STC fans and a shortcut for newbies to learn about STC.


STC Twitter Giveaway Campaign


Dec 8, ,2022 ~ Dec 14, 2022


Pick up 50 winners from the valid participants to receive 200 STC (about $3) for each, and the extra ONE luckiest winner will be rewarded 1120 STC (about $18).


Claim rewards:

Please install Mixin Messenger and join the Starcoin community. The winners will be announced in 3 working days after the campaign ends. And all participants need to open the community page, enter the event section and claim the rewards manually. 

Just so you know, only 51 lucky winners can receive the rewards.



  1. Pick up 51 winners from all valid participants;
  2. The rewards will be distributed via Mixin Messenger. So please submit the correct Mixin ID and join the Starcoin community.
  3. Only the picked-up winners can claim the rewards manually by clicking the claim button on the Starcoin group page. 
  4. The participants should complete full tasks to be valid participants.
  5. The lucky winners must have at least 1 STC on their Mixin Wallet.
  6. New created Twitter account is not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  7. Each Mixin ID can participate in the campaign once, so repeated Mixin IDs will be filtered when drawing the lucky winners.
  8. All rights reserved to the Mixin team.


  1. How to participate Starcoin Twitter campaign?
  2. Installing Mixin Messenger

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